Legislative priorities, gay marriage and guns – a conversation with Governor Steve Bullock

Democratic Governor Steve Bullock is starting his fourth month in office, and navigating a Republican-dominated legislature. In this feature interview, the governor sits down with News Director Sally Mauk to talk about his legislative priorities – from Medicaid expansion to pay raises for state workers. He also discusses how he feels about gay marriage – and  universal background checks for gun-buyers. IMG_3417
Although the governor’s proposals to expand Medicaid to cover 70,000 low income Montanans have been tabled in both the House and Senate, he thinks the fight for that expansion is far from over.

The N.R.A. doesn’t speak for these Montana gun owners

In recent weeks, News Director Sally Mauk has done feature interviews on gun control with a Montana sheriff opposed to any new gun control, and a small businesswoman and mom who favors stricter gun laws. Continuing that conversation, in this feature interview Sally sits down with two long time Montana hunters and gun owners – retired emergency room physician Doug Webber and retired forest service supervisor Ed Monnig  – to get their views on gun violence and gun control…