Congressman Daines on guns, conservation and his political future

DSC03594Congressman Steve Daines has spent this week touring Montana businesses – from gun manufacturers to lumber mills. He’s in Missoula today to tour the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and meet with a local sportsmens’ organization. He also took time to sit down with News Director Sally Mauk to talk about guns, conservation – and his political future. Daines would have voted against the bill to expand background checks on gun buyers.

National Day of Prayer: infringement of church and state?

Fellowship of Christian Athletes State Director Bob Veroulis reacts to a prayer at a National Day of Prayer event at the state capitol Thursday.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes State Director Bob Veroulis reacts to a prayer at a National Day of Prayer event at the state capitol Thursday.

Montana’s faithful recognized the national Day of Prayer this week.

Dozens gathered at the state capitol building Thursday where some of the state’s top leaders gave their own prayers.

Supporters call it a celebration of religious freedom.

But Capitol Reporter Dan Boyce says one national organization is fighting the day as a violation of church and state.


Republican infighting, Democrat wins and the new Senate race

Johnson, Mauk & Dennison 3SMALLTonight on “Capitol Talk”, our weekly legislative analysis program, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Lee newspaper reporters Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison about the growing split in the Republican party, who won and lost what in this legislative session, and the week’s political stunner: Senator Baucus’s decision not to seek re-election…

Violence Against Women Act on the way to President’s desk

Associated Press photo

Associated Press photo

 The US House today passed – and sent to President Barack Obama – a far-reaching extension of the Violence Against Women Act.
As Politico explains, the bill renews a 1994 law that proponents say has set the standard for how to protect women, and some men, from domestic abuse and prosecute abusers. The 286-138 vote came after House lawmakers rejected a more limited approach offered by Republicans.
Congressman Steve Daines voted in support of the measure that’s also referred to in shorthand as “VAWA”. Here’s a copy of a press release his office issued on the matter today:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Steve Daines today voted in support of the Senate-passed Violence Against Women Act, which reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act while also securing tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians for prosecutorial powers in cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Click here to view Daines’ remarks

Click here to download video of Daines’ remarks

Daines announced his support of the legislation earlier this morning in a meeting of the Coalition of Large Tribes, which he attended as a guest of Crow Tribe Chief Darrin Old Coyote. “I will be voting in support of the Senate’s version of the Violence Against Women Act,” Daines stated this morning in his remarks. “I understand as a dad the importance of protecting those who are most vulnerable. I stand with you on principle that we must protect and be a voice for the most vulnerable members of our society— we must fight for all of the victims of domestic violence.”

In his remarks, he relayed the concerns that tribal leaders from Montana’s reservations had shared with him in advance of today’s vote.

“I have spent the past two months meeting with tribal leaders from across Montana.  And while every tribe is unique, all shared with me their concerns about the prevalence of domestic violence and crimes against Indian women on reservations,” Daines continued. “The legislation approved recently by the Senate contains strong provisions that will make it easier for Native American women to receive the justice and support they deserve.”

Montana is home to seven federally recognized Indian reservations and the state recognized Little Shell Tribe. Daines serves as a member of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Indian Affairs.

In this interview with Edward O’Brien, Y-W-C-A of Missoula executive director Cindy Weese explains why this bill is so important.
Weese says domestic violence is still far too prevalent a problem; one affecting 1 in 3 American women:

Sally Mauk talks taxes, spending and gun control with Congressman-elect Steve Daines…

Steve Daines    Montana’s new Congressman, Bozeman Republican Steve Daines, will be sworn in January 3rd. It’s likely he’ll be dealing with the “fiscal cliff” issue right off the bat. In this feature interview, Daines talks with News Director Sally Mauk about what he sees as necessary to reach a bipartisan agreement. They also talk about another hot issue the new Congress will be debating: gun control….

Republican Steve Daines elected as Montana’s lone Congressman

Newly-elected Montana Congressman, Republican Steve Daines says he is not heading to Washington to join a club, but to join a cause.

He wants to help make Washington do more with less.

“You need to walk that fine line of working with leadership of working with other members there to accomplish a goal or get a good result and at the same time you have to take that independent spirit and represent the people of Montana,” Daines said.

The Bozeman businessman defeated Democratic challenger, State Senator Kim Gillan by over 10 percent of the vote.

Daines started his first post-election day early, putting his staff together.

Looking at other statewide results, Daines says he realizes Montana is not a red state or a blue state but a very purple one.

“One thing we know about Montana is we think less about party and think more about individuals in the people that run,” Bullock said. “It also says I think Montanans want to see the Republicans and the Democrats in their leadership working together. I look forward to working with Governor Bullock, with Senator Tester, with Senator Baucus to find some common ground as Montanans.”

Daines says he looks forward after today to taking a few days off to go hunting with his kids.

Kim Gillan’s campaign put out a statement today. She congratulated Daines and says Montanans are so lucky to live in a country where we can vote for our representatives. She says she has tremendous respect for the process and everyone who voted.

Campaign Beat Nov 2 – Sally, Chuck and Mike talk polls, break-in’s and ads…

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Sally Mauk talks with Republican U.S. House candidate Steve Daines…

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Sally Mauk talks with U.S. House democratic candidate Kim Gillan….

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