Sally Mauk talks spending and cutting, death and taxes with Denny Rehberg…

Jan and Denny Rehberg, Sally Mauk

Either Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg or Democratic Senator Jon Tester will be out of a job soon, as Montana voters decide which one they want to be in the U.S. Senate for the next six years. Their high profile race has attracted millions of dollars spent on attack ads and mailers and phone calls that have bombarded voters’ homes for months now.
In tonight’s feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Congressman Rehberg, about why he’s giving up his House seat to make this run for the Senate…

AARP President Robert Romasco on ‘Graying of Montana’ Conference and the aging of America

Robert Romasco

The Montana Chapter of the AARP is hosting a two day conference in Helena focusing on the changing landscape for the state’s aging population.

The ‘Graying of Montana’ conference will feature economists and policy leaders talking about how these shifting demographics are likely to affect the state moving forward.

The national President of AARP, Robert Romasco, is giving Monday evening’s keynote address at the Red Lion Inn.

Romasco sat down with Capitol Reporter Dan Boyce to speak about the national debates on social security and medicare, and the particular challenges faced by those aging in a rural state.

This is Romasco’s first trip to Montana.

He says he’s glad to see the ‘Graying of Montana’ conference look at the long term impacts of aging on state budgets and services. Romasco says the entire country’s age profile is changing and Montana is aging faster than the rate nationwide, particularly in the state’s shrinking rural areas.

Find out more about the ‘You’ve Earned a Say’ initiative here

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