Gun Control: Knee Jerk or Necessary?

News Director Sally Mauk and panelists Dana Gale, Doug Webber, Ed Monnig, Sheriff Chris Hoffman

News Director Sally Mauk and panelists Dana Gale, Doug Webber, Ed Monnig, Sheriff Chris Hoffman

Gun control continues to be nationally debated in the wake of the most recent mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. As part of the Montana Public Media “Guns in the Big Sky” series, Montana Public Radio recently aired a live, one-hour discussion of whether new gun control legislation is necessary, or simply a knee jerk reaction to tragedy. News Director Sally Mauk hosted the discussion, featuring four panelists: hunters Doug Webber and Ed Monnig, Dana Gale of “Moms Demand Action”, and Ravalli County Sheriff Chis Hoffman. Listeners also submitted questions online. The discussion covered everything from universal background checks to banning semi-automatic weapons.

Sally Mauk talks with political scientist Jim Lopach about the role of Super Pac’s

Some of the slickest television campaign ads come from so-called Super-Pac’s”, and they are credited with boosting a candidate’s chances – or destroying an opponent’s. But what exactly are they – and how have they come to be so influential? In this feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk talks with University of Montana political science professor Jim Lopach to find out more….

Sally Mauk and the Missoulian’s Gwen Florio talk about UM’s sexual assault investigation

The University of Montana has released the final report of an investigation into alleged sexual assaults on and off-campus. A team headed by former supreme court justice Diane Barz concluded the university has a problem with sexual assault, and the report outlines 9 alleged incidents they investigated. The allegations run from date rape to gang rape, with the incidents occurring over the past 15 months. News Director Sally Mauk talks with Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio, who has also been covering the investigation…..