Popular Daily Beast blogger says yes to background checks, no to assault weapons ban

Megan_McArdle_portraitMegan McArdle describes herself as a “squishy Libertarian”. She’s also a popular blogger for Newsweek and the Daily Beast, and former senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly. McArdle is in Missoula to participate in this week’s Mansfield conference on the future of health care in America. In this feature interview, McArdle talks with News Director Sally Mauk about health care, gun control – and the latest kitchen gadgets. McArdle just did a feature story on the International Housewares show…

Affordable Care Act opponent says the act is not affordable

GraboyesThe mandate provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” goes into full effect next year, requiring uninsured individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. Businesses with 50 or more employees must also provide health insurance for their workers, or be penalized. The National Federation of Independent Business opposed the Act and remains one of its harshest critics. Their senior health care adviser, Robert Graboyes (“Gray-boys”), will be in Montana next week, to talk with business owners about the Act’s impact. In this feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Graboyes about his objections to Obamacare – and his predictions…

Sally Mauk talks with democratic U.S. House candidate Franke Wilmer

Franke Wilmer

Montana State University professor of international relations Franke Wilmer thinks her life experience as a single mom who had to work her way through college is a good credential for moving from the state legislature to the U.S. House. In this feature interview, the Bozeman democrat talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her pledge to “restore the American dream” if elected…


Sally Mauk talks with Governor Brian Schweitzer about pigs, coal, health care and basketball

Sally Mauk and Governor Brian Schweitzer

News Director Sally Mauk has a wide-ranging conversation with Governor Brian Schweitzer about his recent trip to China, selling Montana coal, climate change, the impacts of oil development, his new health care proposal, what he plans to do after he leaves office – and who’s going to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament….