Author calls the health effects of coal production “the silent epidemic”

coal_trainThe environmental risks of coal production are well documented; burning coal is a significant cause of global warming. The health risks of coal development are less well-known. Dr. Alan Lockwood has written a book about that risk called “The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health.” Lockwood is a retired professor of neurology and nuclear medicine at the State University of New York. He was in Missoula recently to speak at a medical conference. In this feature interview, Lockwood talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the “silent epidemic”.

Renewable energy advocate thinks Montana’s wind industry has a bright future


Montana ranks among the top five states in the country for wind energy potential, and a handful of major wind farms have sprouted up on our windy plains in recent years. The Portland-based Renewable Northwest Project,  which advocates for renewable energy development in the Northwest, estimates Montana has added 650 megawatts of generating capacity from renewable energy and over a billion dollars in new investment. Still, renewables provide only about 5 percent of the total energy consumed in the Northwest. In this feature interview, the Executive Director of the Renewable Northwest Project, Rachel Shimshak, talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the benefits of new wind development – and the obstacles to that development…

Sally Mauk talks with democratic U.S. House candidate Franke Wilmer

Franke Wilmer

Montana State University professor of international relations Franke Wilmer thinks her life experience as a single mom who had to work her way through college is a good credential for moving from the state legislature to the U.S. House. In this feature interview, the Bozeman democrat talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her pledge to “restore the American dream” if elected…


Sally Mauk talks with Governor Brian Schweitzer about pigs, coal, health care and basketball

Sally Mauk and Governor Brian Schweitzer

News Director Sally Mauk has a wide-ranging conversation with Governor Brian Schweitzer about his recent trip to China, selling Montana coal, climate change, the impacts of oil development, his new health care proposal, what he plans to do after he leaves office – and who’s going to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament….