The genetic mutations behind breast cancer


    The actress Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy as a way to prevent getting breast cancer, and her choice to make that decision public, have shed light on the rare genetic mutation she has that can cause breast and ovarian cancer. It has also prompted a flood of inquiries from women about the mutation – who’s at risk, and what their choices are if they have it. To learn more, News Director Sally Mauk recently spoke with breast cancer surgeon Dr. Melissa Hulvat, who is Director of the Bass Breast Center at Kalispell Regional Healthcare.  Dr. Hulvat says there are two genes we know cause breast cancer:

Actress Meredith Baxter on her career, surviving breast cancer and coming out

Meredith Baxter and Sally Mauk

Meredith Baxter and Sally Mauk

Most people know actress Meredith Baxter from her role on the popular TV series “Family Ties” but she’s had numerous memorable television and film roles, and will soon be featured on the current hit TV show “Glee”. Baxter is also a breast cancer survivor, and that’s what brought her to Missoula to speak at the annual “Voices of Hope” cancer education summit held at Community Medical Center. In this feature interview, Baxter talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her career, her coming out, and her two bouts with breast cancer.

Michelle Weaver-Knowles on “Baring It All” Documentary

The breast cancer documentary, “Baring It All”, screens this weekend at Missoula’s Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. It tells the story of a fashion photographer who creates a portrait series of young breast cancer survivors after his friend loses a breast to the disease. In tonight’s feature interview with reporter Edward O’Brien, breast cancer survivor Michelle Weaver-Knowles – a certified breast health navigator at Community Medical Center’s Advanced Imaging – shares her own story.
At work she offers valuable assistance on a variety of levels to patients dealing with breast diseases. She’s also all too familiar with breast cancer on a personal level.