Montana, Blackfeet Tribe sign oil and gas tax agreement

Blackfeet Chairman T.J. Show, Governor Brian Schweitzer, and Attorney General Steve Bullock sign the Blackfeet Oil and Gas Tax Agreement Monday

The state of Montana has signed an agreement with the Blackfeet Tribe to lower taxation on oil and gas development. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Attorney General Steve Bullock signed the agreement Monday with Blackfeet tribal chairman T.J. Show. Schweitzer says the agreement prevents developers from being taxed by both the tribe and the state.

“Unfortunately in the past there have been oil and gas companies who have said and sometimes it’s actually occurred that they decided to drill off the reservation as opposed to on the reservation so they didn’t have to pay double taxation,” Schweitzer said adding, instead the state and the tribe will share revenue from development taxes. This agreement comes after years of negotiations. Blackfeet chairman T.J. Show says it will help his people.

“In light of the recent economic boom that’s potentially there right now, so this is another step forward for the Blackfeet tribe,” Show said.

The agreement takes affect after a forthcoming public meeting on the issue. Governor Schweitzer says the Blackfeet Reservation has oil and gas development potential due to a formation stretching down from Alberta.