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Sally Mauk

News Director

(406) 243-4075


Edward F. O’Brien

Assistant News Director

(406) 243-4065


Dan Boyce

Capitol Bureau Chief

(406) 444-9399




Katrin Frye

Flathead Reporter

(406) 270-9308

6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. How Do an address change? I sent 1 to the address a Guy gave me when i called but it came back and said it couldn’t b sent

  2. i ejoy waynes work. please view my buffalo soldiers youth camp. – go to kentucky life- go to season 15- go to #1505- click on flash eye. i hope you enjoy it . GOD BLESS YOU! JOHN TAYLOR JR.

  3. Congressman Daines,
    With the federal government shut down and the debt ceiling looming and you republicans and some democrats playing politics. Well here is a little fact, I have a petition, with 7,000 disabled veterans in Montana, who are not going to forget you, this coming election. Good or bad, enough is enough.

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