S-T-D rates growing among Baby Boomers

Sexually transmitted diseases are terrible to contract, and frankly – not all that fun to talk about.
They are, however a growing problem among not only young people, but Boomers as well. Experts say the more we openly discuss S.T.D’s and educate ourselves about their risks – and prevention – the better.
April is National S.T.D Awareness Month.
In tonight’s feature interview, Planned Parenthood outreach educator, Angel Nordquist, sits down with Edward O’Brien to cover some of the fundamentals.
Nordquist points out that Herpes, Hepatitis B, H.I.V and  H.P.V – the diseases that begin with the letter “H” – are viruses.
The most common S.T.D’s seen in Montana; Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia are bacterial infections:

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