Autism Awareness Month: one family’s story

autism_awareness_logoSheryl Snyder’s almost-eight-year-old son, Matthew, was about 15-months-old when first diagnosed with an Autism disorder.
April is Autism Awareness Month.
In this feature interview, Sheryl shares her family’s story with Edward O’Brien.
Joining the conversation is  Dr Ned Vasquez. Vasquez is the outgoing Medical Director of western Montana’s Child Development Center. The Missoula-based non-profit provides a broad array of services for families with kids with various disabilities; from initial evaluations to creation and implementation of treatment plans. C.D.C offers services throughout much of western Montana.
Vasquez says we’re learning more about Autism Spectrum Disorder, but it still presents significant mysteries.


One thought on “Autism Awareness Month: one family’s story

  1. Thank you for this wonderfully informative personal interview. I learned a great deal more about autism and was particularly pleased that it gave resources for parents and an optimistic outlook. ie encouragement for early intervention but seeking assistance at any stage is all good. Just keep trying and know there are those who are there to help. Shortly after listening to this I was introduced to a young man who, as I later found out, has the disorder and it was very encouraging to know more and be supportive in his personal desire to fit in to common everyday situations. Bravo to Autism Awareness!

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