Bill to hunt wolves with silencers passes crucial House vote

Courtesy Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

Courtesy Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

The Montana House of Representatives has passed second reading on a bill to allow hunters to use rifle silencers when hunting wolves. House Bill 27 would only allow silencers to be used after the general big game hunting season.

The sponsor, Representative Ted Washburn (R-Bozeman)  told the Helena Independent Record silencers help protect the hearing of hunters. He also says a company in his district makes rifles and silencers.

Washburn says about 600 Montanans already legally hunt with silencers when hunting coyote, fox, prairie dogs and gopher. He says those using silencers have to pass a 6-month federal background check and pay $250.

The House approved the bill 68 to 32. It has one more vote on third reading before moving the Senate.

Supporters say the bullets still make a loud noise when breaking the sound barrier and therefore don’t sound like silencers on TV shows. Rather, they make it much quieter just in the immediate vicinity of the gun. Representative Virginia Court (D-Billings) still voted against the bill. She worries about the impact on landowners not being able to hear where the shots are coming from. She says she hikes on her cabin property in the Tobacco Root Mountains and is “often comforted when I hear the sound of a rifle shot because at least I know that they’re in the area.”

Great Falls Democratic Representative Tom Jacobson voted against the bill while it was in the House Fish Wildlife and Parks Committee. But he changed his mind and voted for it, citing some amendments: “It’s outside of the normal season, so we don’t have to worry about that if we hunt deer or elk, it will help take down more wolves and I think it’s not an unfair advantage.”

The wolf hunting season lasts through the end of this month.


60 thoughts on “Bill to hunt wolves with silencers passes crucial House vote

    • ……spending so much time to find ways killing animals/wolves…… cannot imagine what these rednacks/politicians could do on sustainable things, good things for our planet….for the rockies….if they would spend this much time…!!!……money rules the world, i know…..but it s still disgusting what s going on there….a shame !

      • Rep. Tom Jacobson’s remark “I don’t think it is an unfair advantage,” is unconscionable” Taking a gun and stalking an animal with it is an unfair advantage in itself, and then to put a silencer on it is beyond anything even in the real of fair to an animal… WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN?!!!

    • the wolves will continue keeping the elk and deer in check year round. The POS wolf hunters are wildlife haters and have lost this battle. wolves will continue eating elk and deer year round.

      • Wolves don’t know fair/and neither do i/not going hunting with a switch.Next time you have a steak think about how someone else killed it for you.
        BOO HOO

      • Wolves = functional part of the balance of Nature,
        Hominids = arrogant, aberrant, chimpanzee vermin who don’t fit in with Nature, and are uneducated ignoramuses who don’t know doodley-squat about the world in which (for the moment) they live !!!!

    • OHHHH I cannot wait to spread the news of this to my Anti gun freinds. I was once on the side of the pro gun people. Now, I am going to spread the news. The use of SILENCERS???? Yet another way for criminals to easily get thier hands on something that has already been outlawed. I am furious now!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so angry at this….if you don’t want to live with wolves move to LA or NYC…get the freak outta the wolf’s territory…seething I am I am

  2. its not fair they should ban the silencers maybe try ear plugs there is a variety to choose from ,, don t kill off the wolves they r beings like u n me have a heart such beautiful animals PLEASE LET THEM B THANK U ❤

  3. This is when you start contacting the Representatives and asking them how much money they got to pass this bill?? How many votes were you promised?? Everyone of us should start sending as many e-mails and phone calls as possible to these people.

    • Wow what a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. One of the many reasons our country is gong down the shitter. Ever seen a wolf pack kill for the pleasure of killing and not consume thier prey? Once the deer and elk are gone what do you think these out of check predators are going to be forced to hunt for survival? Ranchers wil lose their stock, you will lose your outside pets and sooner or later children will become the prey, because they prey on the small and weak first. Wake up!

  4. I agree also we should be spending our $ on something more positive. The environment, sustainable energy, healthy food, etc. Leave the darn wolves alone! Where are they suppose to go? I find some of these people very abusive & negative & they need to get a better hobby then killing!!!!!!

  5. I am from the killing state itself “Wyoming” right smack in the predator zone (bunk) .. I just returned from an amazing wonder of seeing these wonderful loving caring animals in action with one another in Yellowstone.. Just like any other human family will they protect them with their life ..! Providing food to the pack to sustain life. Now finding out that ruthless boys and men find it fun to torture and brag about their death and post horrific pictures on face book of them doing so.. teaching another generation that this is too be celebrated ?. A very sick way to carry on in our world, to teach torture and killing things we do not understand to our children is nothing but down right dangerous and detrimental to our future as humane humans. Making us nothing more than animals ourselves. The killing of all these wolves with a shoot on sight okay ??? Now the killing of at least 10 collared Yellowstone Icons ..makes me sick to my stomach .. I surely hope this is not the norm thinking in today’s world.. this has got to me reconsidered for the majority of us who love wildlife and are not threatened by the actual statistics. Wolves are a vital animals in the ecosystem.. This hunt has purely gotten out of hand..unbelievably so! There are other people in these states than ranchers and outfitters. I have read the stats on the elk herd numbers and the livestock kills.. This is an issue that the whole world is watching and tourism will be effected.. People are not happy about this. It has become very very ugly!

    • Let us HOPE tourism will be affected. I don’t like to see the innocent punished with the guilty, but let them put the blame where it belongs: On the a$$hole, money-grabbing politicians and wolf killers. Oh, and the vile trappers, too.

  6. this is so wrong to kill wolves what the heck do they get out of it
    I am a proud wolf owner…… i just cant imagine killing sweet animals

  7. Stop the killing of all life soon it will be habit. Work on the killer rapist and abuser of children not helpless animals who have done no wrong. You are not helping this planet make a better life for humans not to kill Wolf. A mind of kill will bring negativity to us all.Be a man and stop the killing now.

  8. Oh yeah, that’s what they need. Protect their hearing? They don’t care, they’re the ones hunting so they should lose their hearing. And Really? Killing wolves will help whom? Deers and Elks so that hunters have more to shoot. BRILLIANT! Such idiotic notions for such an idiotic government. Why do we hunt? For recreation? No, it’s suppose to be for survival.That does not include lining their pockets with money, blood, and fur for means of survival. When our dog breeds develop a serious problem that only a mother species can help solve and all the wolves are gone, we will all know who to blame.

  9. Are you trying to put these animals back on the endangered species list?That’s what will happen.Do you not realize the “job” that predators do in the ecosystem?Wolves have been persecuted for so long,largely because of greed and superstitious beliefs.Come on,smarten up folks!

  10. I do not have any memory of riding in a time machine to another era, but somehow it seems I have been projected back to a raw, brutal, sadistic, inhumane, and blood thirsty time. I have never witnessed so much celebration and lust over another living beings blood. Is there some satanic alter hidden that is being fed? Is it the gene pool? What ever it is, I want out of it, I want back to where people have morals, ethics, compassion and a sense of right and wrong. if they do this to animals, they will do this to me. The writing is on the wall, and it is written in blood.

  11. Looks like its time to put the silencer on the AR15. Thank you Montana for doing the right thing to help reduce these destructive predators.

    • russell joseph morgan, you never leave your basement. the wolves will continue eating elk and deer year round and you cannot do a single thing about it. the elk and deer will continue to be controlled by the wolves day in and day out and year round.

  12. Wolves fulfil a useful role in the general balance of Nature – hominids most assuredly do not !! The Great Ignorati – of whom amerika seems to have a plentiful supply, should hang their rifles up and get their noses into a Nature book, where doubtless everything they read would be new to them. I have nothing against firearms, in fact I’m quite in favor of them – but NOT when used for killing any other species….

  13. You guys are idiots go hug a tree look at the horses and the other damage they are doing.Its called overpopulation of wolves they need to be thined out

    • wolf hunters should be thinned out. the wolves will continue eating deer and elk year round and you cannot do a thing about it you wildlife hating loser

    • the wolves will continue eating elk and deer year round to keep them under control. a lot of elk and deer steaks for the wolves.

    • “Thinned out”?? What – you mean like we arrogant, aberrant chimpanzee vermin need to be?? Wolves are NATIVE to N Amerika. THEY belong there – you don’t!!!! And think about THIS, Numbnuts: IF Wolves killed herbivores at the rate you appear to imagine, then when whitey first stumbled across Amerika, there’d have been NO life bigger than a Pillbug left, because the predators would have killed off all the herbivores, then died of starvation themselves !! Nature just doesn’t work like that. Predators take out the lame and the sick and the genetically substandard, keeping their prey species in tip-top shape. Nature does not depend on ecologically-illiterate, uneducated and uninformed wingnuts with firearms or cowardly traps to maintain equilibrium, She does that very well herself – as I should not need to have to tell you !!!!

      • YESSSS! Wolves not only belong here, we NEED them! Thin out the idiot knuckle dragging cretins who love to kill wildlife!

    • the population of wolf hunters need to be thinned out. wolves WILL continue eating elk and deer year round to keep their numbers in check. You lose. Wolves get a lot of deer and elk steaks you wildlife hating terrorist

    • the wolves are controlling the elk and deer populations 24/7 365 days a year. You lose. The wolves win as they get an unlimited amount of elk and deer steaks.

      • You all crack me the hell up!! Do your research and look inward. You are pissed that my family hunts wolf, elk, deer etc. because it is killing mother nature. However you seem to not have a problem talking about killing hunters. So murder is ok in your world? Far as I am concerned you and I are the same other then you are threatening to kill another human which is not legal and I hunt with a license within the law. Hmmm go figure.

      • Hunters are merely hominids (Native Amerikans are the only REAL Human Beings) and hominids, numbering SEVEN THOUSAND MILLION, and therefore VERMIN, needed to be – what’s your euphemism for murder? – “CULLED” or “MANAGED” or “HARVESTED”….

        “ONE million = a species – SEVEN THOUSAND MILLION = VERMIN”

      • But what YOU are doing is no less than murder, too!! SURELY, ALL living beings have the SAME rights ?? Just because hominids are, as yet, too dumb to speak Animal languages does not mean that because THEY don’t speak hominid languages they are somehow of less intrinsic worth than we arrogant, aberrant chimpanzee vermin – quite the contrary!! Only backward, abrahamic delusionists could possibly think otherwise for a moment!! Oh, sorry – you probably don’t understand “abrahamic delusionists” – it’s shorthand for christers,muslims & jews – you know, those folks who believe those books of semitic fairytales ??!!

  14. I am Russell Joseph Morgan and I post under the aliase of no wolves. I know that elk and deer will continue to be controlled by the wolves year round. I am a wildlife hater. I hate wildlife and I need to force myself to get out of my basement and get a job to support my wife and kids. Does everyone know the truth about my dad Evan Edward Morgan?

      • We are ALL – each and every one of us – born retards. Then SOME of us, the ones possessed of a functional brain, become curious about the OTHER species, whose planet this morally is, and, learning about Nature, naturally come to love her. Loving and UNDERSTANDING her, we realise that murdering ANY predator is not only a reprehensible and COWARDLY act, it also goes against the finely-tuned balance that orders all of the Natural world. We ourselves, numbering SEVEN THOUSAND MILLION, constitute a plague-like infestation (ie: vermin) on this planet, upsetting Nature’s machinery at every level. We are already seeing Nature fighting back, via the weather. This is just the beginning, and when She REALLY gets herself into gear to remove the pariah species, you won’t like it. You won’t like it at all !!

  15. I run the facebook page called wolf hunting snaring and trapping. I have never killed a wolf as I never leave my basement. i am an internet troll and nothing more.

  16. I am very glad that wolves are back. Montana fwp and Idaho fish and game know that there is no better wildlife manager than the wolf. The wolf is the top apex predator and keeps the elk and deer herds in check. Elk and deer are nothing more than meat to feed the natural apex predators such as the bear, cougar, coyote, wolf, etc. Many elk and deer will have to be sacrificed in order to feed all of these amazing carnivores and I see nothing wrong with this. The fish and game agencies know that there is no better wildlife manager than the wolf.

  17. This seems a bit insane! Montana seems to ignore all the scientific, knowledgeable information about ‘our’ wolves, and Eco system.

    • You know this is pointless. You can’t make haters understand the importance of the wildlife cycle. There is no sense in trying to make them understand cause all they know is kill! The rush they get from killing anything and everything. These people have some serious problems. There is no trying of understanding the importance of wolves. I grew up around wolves, my family farmed and yes they did kill a few animals, but my family knew the importance of all animals. You can’t make these people understand anything. So why try???? I am through with all of these backwoods numnuts ! Maybe they will put their-selves in the cross-hairs when everything else is dead and gone. We can only hope!!

      • Why try? Because these animals have no voice. I cannot and will not stop fighting these ignorant morons. The animals need protection, and if we don’t do it, who will? We need to try and keep trying. Fight on. Be a VOICE for the voiceless! Save wolves. Thin out the hunters!

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