After Newtown, a Missoula mom forms a Montana chapter of a national gun control group

Nancy de Pastino    Nancy de Pastino was heartbroken when she heard about the Newtown shooting. The Missoula mom and portrait photographer first hugged her children, then went and hugged her daughter’s first grade teacher. Then she started a Montana chapter of the national organization “One Million Moms for Gun Control”, an organization started by a mom in Indiana, right after the Newtown massacre.
In this feature interview, de Pastino tells News Director Sally Mauk she took the Newtown shooting “very personally” and decided to become an activist for gun control.


5 thoughts on “After Newtown, a Missoula mom forms a Montana chapter of a national gun control group

  1. Thank you Nancy for taking such a courageous step by starting a Montana chapter for One Million Moms! I also took this tragedy very personal as a mother of four elementary school children here in Bozeman. Great interview!

  2. Nancy, hats off to your concern. Best to train all Mom’s to be armed so they can protect their children from senseless acts of violence. We all know criminals and insane people don’t follow the laws. That’s why it’s important that intelligent, sane and caring people like yourself are armed in face of danger. Cheryl

  3. Nancy, well done. So impressed by your articulate answers and your passion. All the more important for you and your fellow gun control activists in Montana, sensible solutions to keep our children/society safe from gun violence…well done!
    Cynthia- SF Bay Area Chapter co-head 1 MM Chapter for Gun Control

  4. What a self-obsessed crazy. A tragedy occurred on the other side of the country, everyone look at me. Someone get this woman some meds.

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