How well could you manage an unexpected personal economic crisis?

Karen Heisler

Karen Heisler

Turns out, a job loss or medical emergency would likely have terrible potential repercussions for too many Montanans. In tonight’s feature interview with Edward O’Brien, Karen Heisler of Rural Dynamics in Great Falls breaks down a new eye-opening report showing nearly half of American households aren’t adequately prepared to handle a prolonged personal economic emergency.
The 2013 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard was produced by the Washington D-C-based Corporation for Economic Development report.
Heisler describes Rural Dynamics as a non-profit originally created as a credit-counseling organization. She says it offers programs to help people become financially secure.
The report offers “A” to “F” grades in a variety of categories. But Heisler points out those grades shouldn’t be interpreted too literally; that a grade of “A” simply means a state is doing relatively well, but there still could be room for lots of improvement.
For instance, Montana earned a “B” in the Financial Assets and Income category. The survey found the state has a 40-percent liquid asset poverty rate:


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