Sally Mauk talks Medicaid expansion with rural health care activist Steph Larsen

medicalA new study by the nonprofit Center for Rural Affairs finds that people who live in the rural parts of our state are less likely to have adequate – or any – health insurance. The Nebraska-based center advocates for rural issues from health care to sustainability. In this feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk talks with the center’s assistant director for organizing and outreach, Steph Larsen, who’s based in Missoula. She cites the reasons many rural Montanans don’t have health insurance..

3 thoughts on “Sally Mauk talks Medicaid expansion with rural health care activist Steph Larsen

  1. This was an interesting discussion. In Kentucky, our low-income populace and rural hospitals are in desperate need of help.

    But let’s not forget that Max Baucus took care of his insurance company pals when he designed the ACA. The amount of taxpayer money we’ll be sending down the insurance exchange rabbit hole and into Medicaid Managed Care operations is a travesty. That money could be used to cover everyone, urban and rural, under a single payer plan. Lower administrative costs and cost containment across the board would even enable us to fix the deficit. Bill Clinton told Reuters in 2011 that we could be saving a trillion a year if we had the same health care system as the other advanced nations of the world. And the latter have better health outcomes!

    The ACA will shelter a few but even at full implementation, millions will remain uncovered.

    Tell Senator Baucus that we should all have the benefits available to the people of Libby, Montana–Medicare for All.

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