Bone Marrow Donation

Jada Bascom

To look at 5-year-old Billings kindergartner Jada Bascom today, you’d never know she was once a very sick little girl. She and her friends and family were in Missoula yesterday and little Jada was happily exploring the University of Montana’s University Center as the adults discussed the disease that almost claimed her life. Her chances were slim at best when she was diagnosed with leukemia at 7 months. Jada desperately needed a bone marrow transplant.
She eventually found a donor – a complete stranger from far, far away; southern Germany. His name is Torsten Huber.
In tonight’s feature interview, Edward O’Brien meets Torsten and chats with Jada’s grandma, Jeana Moore, who’s racked-up thousands of miles walking in the United States and Europe to raise awareness about bone marrow donation.
Magda Silva of the national marrow donor program, Be the Match, joins the discussion as well.
Moore says the search for the necessary bone marrow for Jada was at first, very much like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack:


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