Republican Steve Daines elected as Montana’s lone Congressman

Newly-elected Montana Congressman, Republican Steve Daines says he is not heading to Washington to join a club, but to join a cause.

He wants to help make Washington do more with less.

“You need to walk that fine line of working with leadership of working with other members there to accomplish a goal or get a good result and at the same time you have to take that independent spirit and represent the people of Montana,” Daines said.

The Bozeman businessman defeated Democratic challenger, State Senator Kim Gillan by over 10 percent of the vote.

Daines started his first post-election day early, putting his staff together.

Looking at other statewide results, Daines says he realizes Montana is not a red state or a blue state but a very purple one.

“One thing we know about Montana is we think less about party and think more about individuals in the people that run,” Bullock said. “It also says I think Montanans want to see the Republicans and the Democrats in their leadership working together. I look forward to working with Governor Bullock, with Senator Tester, with Senator Baucus to find some common ground as Montanans.”

Daines says he looks forward after today to taking a few days off to go hunting with his kids.

Kim Gillan’s campaign put out a statement today. She congratulated Daines and says Montanans are so lucky to live in a country where we can vote for our representatives. She says she has tremendous respect for the process and everyone who voted.

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