Candidate Profile: Rick Hill, Republican for Governor

Rick Hill tours Homestead Helicopters in Missoula

Former Montana Congressman Rick Hill has been running for governor full time for the last two years.

During that time he has honed his vision for expanding natural resource development, changing education and putting priority budgeting in place in state government.

News about Hill the last two weeks has been dominated by a contested $500 thousand donation the candidate received from the state Republican Party.

Hill argues that donation was legal because it came after a federal judge tossed out the state’s contribution limits earlier this month, but before an appeals court put the limits back in place six days later.

His opponent, Democrat Steve Bullock says the donation was illegal and just this week, a judge ordered Hill to stop spending that money while the case is under review.

Latest polls show the race is very close with a very large piece of the electorate still undecided.

We have posted profiles on the two men asking to be elected to the state’s highest office.

In this feature, Capitol reporter Dan Boyce spends a day with former Congressman Hill, a man whose vision for the state would look quite different from the Montana of today.

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