Life in Helena getting along even with high temperatures

12 year old Wyatt Zimmer (left) washes a car in Helena Monday

Life still goes on, even with these high temperatures.

A construction crew was pouring concrete on Helena’s Montana Avenue Monday afternoon. Sweat was running down Laborer Bill Dunmire’s face.

He wasn’t stopping, but he didn’t have to like it.

“It’s not very fun, the heat really gets ya,” he said.

The East Coast and Midwest is getting some much needed reprieve from the extreme heat wave seen for more than the last week. Seems as soon as that is happening, temperatures here in the west are rising. Well, there’s a reason for that.

“It is the same air mass that actually moved over into our region,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Zach Uttech.

We have some advantages here in the West that are keeping the temperatures lower than what was seen back east. The air has been cooled a bit by our higher elevation. And with our lower humidity, it cools off a lot more at night. The winds or temperatures are not as high as what Southern and Southeast Montana experienced early last week—when several major wildfires erupted.

“I’d say significantly above average but not necessarily quite at the threshold of a heat wave,” Uttech said

Some Helena kids were trying a different tactic for keeping cool then just opening their mouths. They were washing cars. It was for a good cause, they are part of a volunteer effort coordinated between the local YMCA and an organization called Youth Connections. The kids will donate all their proceeds to the local humane society. Supervisor Philip Bouchard said they manage to squeeze in a little play with their work.

“You’ll definitely see them out here spraying water at each other and hopefully there’s time to wash some cars too,” Bouchard said.

And concrete kept pouring over at Bill Dunmire’s construction site. He doesn’t get sprayed by a whole lot of water—he just drinks a bunch of it, all day long.

No sitting in the shade for him, either.

“Nah, concrete doesn’t wait for the head. When it’s hot out you gotta keep workin, there’s no time for the shade,” Dunmire said.


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