Republican Tim Fox confident in run for Attorney General again despite 2008 loss

Tim Fox

Republican candidate for state Attorney General Tim Fox knows what it’s like to run a statewide campaign. The Helena attorney ran for the exact same post in 2008, narrowly losing to current Attorney General, Democrat Steve Bullock.

Fox believes results will turn out differently this time around.

Fox says he’s working hard to win this primary election against challenger State Senator Jim Shockley.

“I know from my days as a competitive athlete for many many years that you don’t want to look beyond the race at hand,” Fox said.

Fox says he brings 25 years of law experience to bear in this candidacy.

He’s held jobs in both the private and public sectors in criminal law and constitutional law. He’s been appointed a special assistant Attorney General. Fox has also served as a division administrator at the Department of Environmental Quality.

He says that prepares him to run something as large as the Department of Justice.

“I’ve budgeted. I’ve hired and fired. I’ve set policy and carried out policy,” he said. “I’ve worked with the legislature I’ve helped draft laws and regulations. I’ve carried out and defended laws and regulations.”

Fox says he’s hearing from supporters around the state that people want an Attorney General who will stand up to the Federal Government when it oversteps its bounds.

“One example of that of course is the Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obamacare,” Fox said. He criticizes current Attorney General Bullock for not signing onto a lawsuit signed by 26 other Attorney’s General challenging the Affordable Care Act.

“There will be circumstances in the future where the federal government will overreach once again and I think we need a change of philosophy in how the Attorney General Acts in those circumstances,” he said.

Fox supports Bullock’s stance defending Montana’s century-old Corrupt Practices Act. A lawsuit has been filed to throw out this prohibition on corporate campaign spending in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United Decision. The nation’s high court has put a hold on the law until they decide whether or not to take the case.

Fox says he would also vigorously defend Montana’s Law.

“If I’m fortunate enough to be elected and take office in January it’s possible that case would be pending and I’ll be happy to take over that effort because that’s one of the responsibilities of the Attorney General, is to defend the statutes of the state of Montana,” he said.

Fox once served as the state’s primary hard rock and coal mining attorney—making sure mining companies were adhering to environmental laws. He says that experience will help him protect the provision of the Montana Constitution ensuring a clean and healthful environment.

Unlike some Republican Candidates, Fox supports Montana’s 1972 Constitution.

“There’s no one part of Montana’s Constitution that’s more important than the other,” he said. “It stands as a whole, it’s a great document. the people of Montana should be proud of that document and as Montana’s next Attorney General I would do everything I can to make sure that the provisions of the Montana Constitution are not only defended but respected as well.”

Tim Fox says the political atmosphere was different in 2008, when he lost to Steve Bullock. He says he thinks 2012 will be a better year to be a Republican and his 2008 loss will help him pull through.

“It’s always good to have experienced a campaign, particularly a statewide campaign once before and hopefully we’re making sure we get the message out,” he said.

But again, one race at a time. He first has to get past next Tuesday’s Primary Election.

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