Republican Senatorial candidate Dennis Teske

Dennis Teske

Republican Senatorial candidate Dennis Teske says he barely recognizes America anymore.
As a young man, the 62-year-old first-generation farmer from Terry worked in Wyoming’s oil fields. He’s also owned a trucking business. He and his wife owned several Seattle-area convenience stores before moving back to Montana in 1996.
Teske says when he was a school-kid in the 50’s and 60’s, students were routinely taught about the Constitution and good government.
Now, he says the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act which, in part, allows indefinite detention without trial of suspected terrorists, are clearly unconstitutional measures.
He also believes government is now simply too big and too powerful. Teske – a self-proclaimed lover of small government, describes the existing federal government as a “monster”.
In this evening’s feature interview with Edward O’Brien, Teske says if things continue as they’re going, the nation will go broke.

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