Student Reporters work hard to put out “Capitol Times” for Model Legislature

Livingston Seniors John Bennett and Nile Gannon put the finishing touches on a story for "The Capitol Times" while the Editor, Gardner Junior Anna Reid, looks on.

The Montana Legislature is wrapping up another successful session–at least for a group of about 250 High School students. Teenagers from 13 schools around the state have took part in a model Legislature this week inside the Capitol Building.

It’s called the Youth and Government Program, sponsored by the Montana YMCA. Students took on the titles of State Representative or Senator. They went through the entire process of writing bills and passing them, all while sitting inside the real House and Senate chambers. There was an executive branch too, and even a pack of lawyers and Supreme Court Justices.

And then, there was a small office tucked away in a corner of the Capitol’s ground floor–a newsroom. Student reporters packed in around a long table, typing away on old laptops they had on loan from the state. Capitol Reporter Dan Boyce brings us this story of what it takes to produce the model legislature’s only news source–The Capitol Times.


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