Sally Mauk talks with Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio about UM’s high profile firings

The firing this week of the University of Montana’s athletic director Jim O’Day and head football coach Robin Pflugrad sent shock waves through Griz Nation.U.M. President Royce Engstrom won’t say why the men were fired, but the action comes on the heels of investigations into several alleged sexual assaults involving UM students, including members of the football team. News Director Sally Mauk and Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio talk about the sudden firings – and the public reaction…



One thought on “Sally Mauk talks with Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio about UM’s high profile firings

  1. Interesting, particularly the reaction of the public. As I understand it, the federal rules require that the University investigate and take disciplinary steps if necessary BEFORE the criminal justice outcome is decided. I would imagine that rule recognizes that criminal justice outcomes are most often decided by a negotiating process, and that an independent investigation by the University might identify a more appropriate action that say, if a guilty plea was entered, or if a complaining witness chose to stop participating. Either of those scenarios might result in a less-than-appropriate outcome criminally, while the University might do something else. For example, if an accused decides to plead guilty or makes an Alford plea because he feels he’d be convicted, yet denies his actual guilt, the University would be free to make a determination that would result in something less than banishment from a team. It appears that the athletic department, and the coach in particular failed to take adequate action, at least on the year-old complaint, and further, that the coach made comments which tend to suggest his lack of neutrality in the matter. I’m not surprised that rabid Griz fans are angered, but I am saddened. That kind of reaction does not reflect well on the program, the department, or the community.

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