Campaign Beat Mar 30 – Chuck, Sally and Mike talk about the Supreme Court and the Senate race

Chuck Johnson, Sally Mauk, Mike Dennison

In this edition of “Campaign Beat”, our weekly political analysis program, News Director Sally Mauk talks with Lee newspaper reporters Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison about the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the Affordable Care Act, a new ad in the U.S. Senate race, and why Planned Parenthood of Montana is mad at state representative Krayton Kerns…


1 thought on “Campaign Beat Mar 30 – Chuck, Sally and Mike talk about the Supreme Court and the Senate race

  1. It is shocking that the nine Judges would even consider that this is unconstitutional as the members of congress already voted and approved of the health care mandate. Does not their education mean anything? It seems unconstitutional that the Supreme Court Judges would even consider this issue. If they are considering to throw out a law voted in for congress, then perhaps all the laws Congress approved must be investigated. I was surprised to hear one Judge who is of the Republican party compare buying mandated health insurance as to that of buying mandated food. It’s not hardly the same. The court ruled that we all must contribute our share to Social Security which has worked well for the majority of American citizens. So, what is the difference? Another Judge who is also republican compared health insurance to car insurance. True, not everybody owns or drives a car. But, everyone gets sick at some time in life. The Health Care Plan is necessary and there is a “need” for it. It alone keeps insurance companies more honest. Without the plan, the costs will be shifted somewhere because no one can be denied health care. Or can they? Will this mean that people with pre-existing conditions don’t have a chance at good health if the law is thrown out? I happen to believe we need large government to keep government honest.

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