13th Annual “Seussville University” at Flathead Valley Community College

The sun was sometimes out, it was perhaps too slick to play, and Kalispell third graders were not simply sitting inside on a cold winter day – especially with the Cat-in-the-Hat in the building. The students celebrated what would have been Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday a day early on Thursday, March 1st by taking classes at Flathead Valley Community College as parts of the school converted into “Seussville University” for the day.

Campus Corps Leader Carson Booth says the Community College started Seussville University 13 years ago. Campus Corps is a student service learning program at Flathead Valley Community College and hosts the annual event. Booth says it gives them a chance to share the idea that learning can be fun, and Dr. Seuss is a good medium because his work is well known and accessible.

“He’s really famous for believing that learning and education should be fun, and he actually got into the business because he was really dismayed about the state of children’s education being too stodgy and book-y,” Booth said, “he wanted kids to know that reading and learning and counting were fun activities and that it was something that was worthwhile.”

Third grade students from Kalispell schools including Cayuse Prairie, Elrod, Hedges, Marion, Russell and St. Matthews Elementary Schools took classes in art, math, music, and storytelling.


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