Schweitzer meeting with Chinese and U.S. VPs in Los Angeles

Governor Brian Schweitzer is in Los Angeles, attending a series of meetings with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. 6 other state governors are joining Schweitzer in these meetings, having discussions with 8 Chinese Governors.

“I’m having one on one meeting’s with individual Governors of different provinces in China. So far we’ve had opportunities to discuss both pork and beef processing and there’s some interest in Montana grains in particular malting barley,” Schweitzer said.

Schweitzer says the Chinese Governors are showing some interest in his proposal to build a pork processing plant in Shelby for the Chinese market. He also says the meetings can get pretty competitive between the U.S. Governors.

“If there’s business to be done I want to get there before the other governor’s. There’s some pretty aggressive governors and we want to get the most business for Montana,” he said.

Governor Schweitzer says the meetings in Los Angeles will continue through Friday evening.

He says Montana coal or other energy proposals have not been part of the discussions.



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