GOP Gov. Candidate Ken Miller announces Gallagher as running mate

Bill Gallagher speaks from the podium Wednesday with Ken Miller off the the far right

Republican Gubernatorial candidate and former state Senator Ken Miller has announced his running mate. Miller is picking Montana Public Service Commissioner Bill Gallagher as his candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Gallagher has been a former teacher, small business owner, insurance agent and farmer. Miller stressed that life of experience across many industries during a press conference on Wednesday.

“We were looking for someone that had either education or natural resources or business and in this package we received everything. And it’s just such an honor to be able to have him step up,” Miller said.

Miller’s fundraising lags well behind Republican Gubernatorial front-runner Rick Hill. Gallagher described that as a positive for the Miller campaign. He called this a race between the Country Club and the Country Boys. He said Miller has different priorities than just raising money.

“I have been so impressed with the work ethic of this man,” Gallagher said of Miller.  “His goal criss-crossing the state for the last 18 months, his goal has been to meet, eyeball to eyeball, hand to hand and to listen to as many of the million of us in Montana as possible.”

Ken Miller is one of 7 republican candidates still in the primary race for governor.Two other candidates have filed running mates with the Secretary of State’s Office. Rick Hill has picked State Senator Jon Sonju for Lieutenant Governor. Neil Livingstone has chosen State Senator Ryan Zinke.

Primary elections will be held June 5th.


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